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Lean Audit

The Lean Audit utilises principles from the Lean Management System, made famous by the world-class Toyota Production System.  The audit is used as a tool to evaluate enterprises, ranging from service organisations to job shops and manufacturing organisations.  The purpose of the Lean Audit is to set a baseline or “line in the sand” in order to perform a gap analysis by targeting and monitoring areas for improvement.

Organisations that perform non-repetitive as well as repetitive type work must apply focused and diligent Lean concepts and tools to grow and complete on the world stage.  When an organisation can compare their current state to a Lean future state, everyone in their organisation can discern how Lean Management principles and tools can improve productivity.  Once a baseline is set, progress can be monitored.

The Lean Audit helps identify areas in business processes and operations that impact customers by creating unnecessary costs. Such breakdowns may include non-value-added steps, unnecessary bureaucracy, poor communication, process inconsistencies and process confusion.  These costly problems can be resolved only if they are objectively identified, clearly defined, and subsequently quantified and fixed.  2Morrow Solutions’ Lean Audit provides a powerful tool for senior management teams to help identify areas for improving practices. 2Morrow Solutions can provide valuable resources and guidance beyond the Lean Audit assessment to provide ongoing help to continue the journey to operational excellence.


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