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Lean Management and MTM
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Engineered Standard Time Systems
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YouTube Videos

We have published a series of video presentations on YouTube to promote awareness of various Productivity Improvement topics.  Below are the links to the educational videos.

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Lean Management and Methods-Time Measurement

Methods-Time Measurement (MTM) in Layout Design

Engineered Standard Time Systems

Standard Times are important for routing times, product costing, productivity measurement and labour capacity calculations.  In this video presentation we introduce the concept of Engineered Standard Time Systems using MTM-2, from the global Methods-Time Measurement family of Predetermined Motion Time Systems.

Combining Methods-Time Measurement with a methodical layout design process can enhance the design of factories, warehouses and offices by assisting the optimisation of work area layouts (micro-layouts) by predetermining process times and labour capacity requirements.

Lean Management can be enhanced by the inclusion of Methods-Time Measurement (MTM) in one of the key tools used in Lean Management: Standard Work.  MTM can improve the effectiveness of methods improvement by documenting the method and calculating the process time before the improvements have physically been implemented.

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